Announcing Nemesis Engine: Retooled

Greetings to you all. Welcome to the new We’ve been long, long overdue for a new site, so we hope you enjoy it. Over the course of time, you shall hear from us, collectively and individually, at this domain, in addition to the usual social media platforms that have become a necessary (if sometimes infuriating) element of modern music promotion. We aren’t completely finished with some areas of the site yet, but those imperfections shall be rectified in the coming weeks.

On the subject of imperfections, let us speak of the topic at hand for today; We are announcing that in 2017, we shall be releasing an updated, retooled version of our second full length album, Nemesis Engine. This is something we’ve had planned for many a moon, and requires just a drop of backstory so you have the full picture of why we’re doing this.

Long before the current day, the Nemesis Engine album was recorded and released throughout 2012 and 2013. To be perfectly honest, despite the absurd amount of time it took to make the record, we rushed quite a bit on and overlooked many of the finer details that make good albums truly great, in order to get it completed by the deadline we had chosen. Due to a combination of factors much too expansive and boring to list in sequence here, Nemesis Engine was released in a form that we almost immediately deemed unsatisfactory to our ears and sensibilities. We decided around this time in 2015 that we would begin production of a reworked, expanded version of the album concurrent to the production of our third full-length album (more on that down the road). The release of this new Nemesis Engine will be very much like the re-releases of the two individual discs of The Extinction Prophecies we released in December 2012; remixed, remastered, and partially re-recorded, only with the new Nemesis Engine we will be adding elements to songs we left out of the original release due to time and exhaustion. There will be one new song appended to the end of the track list as well; our first acoustic number since the olden days of the Reaping Willow and the Scarab Prophet. Vocal recording has begun at Stillwork Studios with our longtime producer Benjamin Jon, as evidenced below.

As for a release date for this near-total overhaul of our sophomore release, while we won’t promise anything as of yet, we anticipate completion in summer of this year, after which the newly retooled Engine shall be foist upon the world for your eager consumption at all the customary platforms. In the meantime, keep an eye out at this page and our Facebook for recording updates, show announcements (of which there will be a couple in the next few weeks), and more.